,5 MOR for Corporates – MOR


We offer one-stop real-estate solutions to corporates looking forward to setting foot in India, UAE, UK.

What we offer?

We offer land collection and development as a service to corporates. Starting from understanding the requirement from client in terms of area, building type, nature of construction etc we identify geographies suitable to their needs.
We engage in a very streamlined, process driven approach to collect enough land, ensure due diligence and develop the land as per the requirement of the client.

Why MOR?


Getting statutory approvals for construction is a hectic process. At MOR, we provide land to our clients with all necessary approvals.


Our success lies in transparency. We do business with our clients and partners in a highly transparent environment.


Our dedicated team and streamlined process driven approach help us deliver client requirements in fastest timelines possible.

Legal Trust

We take care of complete legal scenarios involved. We are a trusted partner to many well-known business houses.

Corporate Clients