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About MOR Realtors

With over two decades of legacy and expertise, we are one of the most prestigious realtors based in India and UAE. We believe in creating better communities close to nature and spaces that evoke a true sense of tranquility. Our specialisation is in procuring and developing land for apartments, villas, and commercial properties in the most sustainable way. We incorporate ethical practices, innovative concepts, and unwavering values to create an extraordinary experience for our customers. In India, we are registered with RERA – K-RERA/AG/0026/2020 – and in Dubai we are registered at Real Estate Regulatory Agency under number 30161.
In 2016, we started our operations in Dubai. Currently, we are in the process of expansion to Qatar and the United Kingdom. Our team of experts promises unparalleled services by paying attention to every detail and curating comfortable experiences. We acknowledge the role of the environment in every project and inspire the world to escape the chaos by embracing an Eco-friendly lifestyle.
Being one with mother nature is our belief, and our logo reflects the same. Pancha Bhutas-the five elements of nature are the building blocks of the universe. We have carefully integrated these elements into our logo. Prithvi (Earth), Apas (Water), Tejas (Fire), and Vaayu (Air) are encompassed subtly within the typeface of M in our logo.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create superior value for our customers through sustainable practices and ensure the well-being of nature as well as the future. Our commitment to customers goes beyond constructing a building, but a living space surrounded by greens, where they can enjoy the rare pleasures offered by nature.

Our Value

Our motto is to ensure development without depleting natural resources and continue to be an honest brand that people trust and respect. We give utmost importance to customer satisfaction. With our services, we want to transform lives without compromising on quality.